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Limb Reduction Birth Defects

Medical studies suggest that Zoloft® and other SSRI antidepressants increase the risk of certain fetal defects when used during pregnancy. Among the birth defects that have been associated with the antidepressants are limb reduction defects. If you were prescribed Zoloft® during your pregnancy and your baby is born with a limb reduction defect or another congenital malformation, you might be eligible for financial compensation. To learn more, please contact us today.

What are Limb Reduction Birth Defects?

Limb reduction defects occur when an arm or a leg of the fetus fails to fully develop while the child is in the womb. The result is a child born with a limb reduction, which can mean the arm or leg is smaller than it should be, or it may be missing altogether. Limb reduction can be a genetically inherited trait, and can also result from environmental factors such as being exposed to certain medications.

While it may be difficult to recognize some birth defect symptoms, with limb reduction defects the abnormality is obvious. Whether it involves an arm or a leg, in most limb birth defects the entire bone may be missing or severely undersized.

Complications and Treatment

Children with limb reduction defects might experience complications with the development of motor skills and the ability to take part in normal daily activities. Children might also experience social problems and feelings of insecurity due to the malformed limb. Limb defects make certain activities such as sports much more difficult, though there are several examples of athletes that have overcome limb defects to have successful careers.

There is no cure for limb reduction. Treatments focus on providing a limb which is as normal in function and appearance as possible. This can rarely be achieved through surgery, so most children are fitted with prosthetics (artificial limbs) or use splints and braces.

Contact Zoloft® Birth Defect Attorneys for Help

Limb reduction defects can have a huge impact on your child and family. There are often social development problems and emotional problems stemming from an abnormal physical appearance. Birth defect lawyers can help you access resources to help provide as normal a life as possible for your child.

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