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In craniosynostosis one or more of the joints in the skull, known as sutures, fuse prematurely. This can result in the brain pushing the skull out in other directions, causing a misshapen head and possible facial deformities.

Craniosynostosis Symptoms and Diagnosis

The symptoms of craniosynostosis are usually detected soon after the birth during routine examinations of the baby. The newborn may be missing the "soft spot," or the soft spot may disappear soon after birth. In some cases there may be raised ridges along the fused sutures, or there may be no increase in the size of the baby's head as it gets older. Neurological exams, x-rays, and CT scans may be necessary in cases where the symptoms are not pronounced enough to be sure of the condition.

Treatment and Long-Term Complications

When the skull cannot expand in normal directions to accommodate the growing brain, it compensates by growing away from the fused sutures. This can end in an abnormal head shape and abnormal facial features. When the compensation doesn't provide enough space for the brain, it results in intracranial pressure, which can cause:

  • Seizures
  • Visual impairment
  • Developmental disorders
  • Reduced mental acuity

The treatments for craniosynostosis usually involve surgery while the baby is still an infant. Surgery is used to relieve pressure, allow room in the skull for the brain to grow properly, and to improve the appearance of the head. The prognosis following surgery depends on how many sutures were fused, and whether there are other birth defects present.

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