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Zoloft® and Cranial Defects

Zoloft® and other antidepressants in the SSRI class of drugs have been linked to cranial deformities in infants and other serious birth defects. If you are a current or former user of Zoloft® and your child is born with facial cranial deformities, you should speak to an experienced attorney for help. Our Zoloft birth defect lawyers are investigating lawsuits on behalf of parents and infants affected by skull deformities and other congenital defects.

Zoloft® and Cranial Birth Defects

Zoloft® treats depression by manipulating levels of a brain chemical called serotonin. It has been prescribed to millions of people since it hit the market. But, according to studies that have examined SSRI antidepressants, these popular medications might increase a baby's risk of developing cranial defects.

Cranial defects might not be detected at birth. As the baby gets bigger, the signs become more noticeable and can include a misshapen skull, slow or no growth of the head as the baby gets bigger, a hard and raised ridge or an abnormal feeling head.

Types of Skull Deformities

The most common of the congenital skull defects is called craniosynostosis. This cranial defect involves the premature fusing of one or more of the sutures (joints) that connect the bones of baby's skull. The brain will either be constricted, causing intracranial pressure or it can push against the non-fused sutures which creates severe skull deformities. The intracranial pressure, if untreated, can cause:

  • Blindness
  • Seizures
  • Developmental problems

The main treatment for craniosynostosis is surgery, which is usually performed while the child is still an infant. The objectives are to relieve any pressure on the brain, to make sure the brain has enough room to grow, and to improve the appearance of facial cranial deformities. Surgery usually gives affected infants a good prognosis, but the outcome depends on how many sutures are involved, and whether there are other congenital defects present.

Zoloft® Cranial Birth Defect Lawsuits

If your child was born with a cranial defect and you were prescribed Zoloft® or another SSRI during your pregnancy, you have legal options. To speak with an experienced Zoloft® cranial defect attorney, please contact us today. We will evaluate your case to determine if a Zoloft® birth defect lawsuit is right for you.