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Clubfoot is a congenital (present at birth) defect that is characterized by an abnormally shaped or positioned foot. It is important to treat clubfoot as soon as possible, as it can affect a baby's ability to walk. Development of clubfoot has been associated with use of Zoloft® and other antidepressants in its class during pregnancy.

If you took Zoloft® while pregnant and your baby is born with clubfoot or another birth defect, an attorney may be able to help you seek compensation. Contact us for a free case review.

Symptoms of Clubfoot

In most cases, a baby with clubfoot will have an abnormally positioned foot that is twisted downward and inward. In the more severe cases, the foot will appear as if it were upside down. The twisted position of the foot is the most common symptom, however other signs and symptoms of clubfoot include:

  • Calf muscles may be underdeveloped
  • The affected foot might be shorter than the other foot

Clubfoot is a physical abnormality that is usually not painful. Although it does not cause discomfort for the affected infant, in might cause complications later in life as the child is learning to walk. The child might experience complications such as difficulty walking. If treated early on, the child will likely achieve a normal looking and functioning foot.

However, if left untreated, the defect can hinder the child's self-esteem and can lead to emotional and social issues. The child might also be forced to walk on the sides of the feet or even the top of the feet in severe cases. Sores and calluses might form.

Treatment for Clubfoot

Treatment for clubfoot will usually begin shortly after birth while the infant's ones and joints are still flexible. The goal of treatment is to achieve a normal functioning and looking foot before the child is old enough to walk. Other clubfoot treatment options include surgery, stretching and casting and stretching and taping.

In the more severe cases, clubfoot might not be fully correctable, even with surgery. In most cases, however, if treated early enough, most children will have achieve a normal functioning foot that can fit into normal shoes and allow the child to engage in normal everyday activities.

Legal Help for Birth Defects

Even if your child achieves a normal functioning foot, you deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering you and your child had to go through. A birth defect lawsuit might help you get the compensation you need to obtain the best medical treatment for your child. To find out if you are eligible to file a lawsuit, please contact a Zoloft® birth defect attorney today.