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Zoloft® and Abdominal Birth Defects

The antidepressant Zoloft® and other SSRI drugs have been found to cause congenital abdominal wall defects and other serious birth defects when taken during pregnancy. If your child was born with abdominal wall defects, or any other congenital defect, contact a Zoloft® lawyer for information about a birth defect lawsuit. Abdominal defects require surgeries and continuing care; a birth defect lawsuit can help you seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Abdominal Defect Risks with Zoloft®

According to a study, taking Zoloft® during pregnancy can increase the risk of certain birth defects by six times. The exact cause of congenital defects is unknown, but there is a suggested link between certain antidepressants and an increased risk of abdominal defects.

Abdominal defects are types of hernias that are formed when a baby's abdominal muscles fail to close during development. These defects can usually be detected by a detailed ultrasound before birth.

Gastroschisis vs. Omphalocele

The two most common congenital abdominal wall defects are gastroschisis and omphalocele. In both of these abdominal wall defects some or all of the abdominal organs, like the intestines, stomach, and liver, are outside the body at birth.

The difference is that in omphalocele the protruding organs start in the umbilical cord early in the pregnancy, and are connected the belly button in a clear membrane after the birth. Gastroschisis involves a small slit in the abdomen, usually just to the right of the belly button.

Gastroschisis and omphalocele can both be repaired with surgeries, but the baby is at risk of:

  • Damage to the exposed organs
  • Infections
  • Other complications

In cases of severe abdominal defects the abdominal cavity may be too underdeveloped to hold all of the organs that belong there, requiring a gradual replacement.

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